May 1st The Final Countdown

The title was Misadventures of  Misplaced Society Girl. So naturally that caught my eye.

It was this curious read on a life you didn’t expect and an ending even more so surprising. Much like our life right now. Last month we had nine chickens, a rooster, one dog, four cats roaming the yard. On top of that we had recently hatched 9 baby chicks who were currently housed in the bathtub in the bathtub along with a pond full of fish and the still-possible-but-unknown fate of Yertle the turtle. We lived in a five bedroom house on 3/4 of an acre. We have well water and septic lines, to put that in perspective, when the power goes out we don’t get to flush, no new water automatically comes in to the house. If we run out of water in the summer, it’s because the well ran dry. I am the mother and sole earner in this little family of two humans. I also own and operate my own business. At the end of this month we will be living in a 21 foot Class C Motorhome. We have re-homed three cats, all the chickens and sold damn near every memento I have spent my life holding on to. Yes the downsizing continues daily. By June I will have transferred my company, clientele and all the possessions that go with it to a friend. My daughter will leave her school to be home-schooled for the coming school year as we travel the Country. Is that a lot of change….Yes. Was I ready for it? No. If you had asked me even last Christmas how I saw the rest of the year playing out this wouldn’t have been anywhere on the scale of things I thought might happen. So this blog will be a link, a history and a little space carved out to share and remember. It will contain the challenges and joys that come with the adventures that wait these two

Miss Adventurers.

Miss: An unmarried female.

Adventurer: A person who enjoys or seeks adventures.

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