The Maiden Voyage AKA No one died but  a lot of things shifted/fell.

20170713_140941Two days before savannah was due to come home, and after a few more things were fixed it became abundantly clear that I needed to drive the beast. Coast to Coast was coming up and we are aiming to leave right after dental surgery,…… When is that? Ten days away.

Am I prepared as a driver.

Sorry kids. But fuck no.

I’m used to my jacked up truck running on oversized mud-tired that sounds like a plane taking off. I’m used to 18 ish feet of vehicle and a nice high sight line. I’m not used to an archaic land-yatch from the mid 80s

I’d driven it a whole 200 feet from 4297 Cowichan Lake Rd to a stop sign pull out right up the road. That’s it. So instead of saving the cursing and swearing and sheer nervousness for when sav was home. This needed to be done. And done now. So yesterday at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon I drove it, with a co-pilot I fired a few times along the way, from Chemainus to Ladysmith down the old rd and back in a loop around the highway.

How did it go?

Well we didn’t crash, or scrape anything.

I did stall out in the middle of a light turning left and crossed over the white light many times.

I used a piece of gum to mark the dash and where I should be compared to the yellow middle line to give myself more of a guide within the lines.

That conversation went something like “I need some gum” He hands me some. “No no not that gum! The stick gum” As if he should be able to read my mind… nope. Ha ha. We learned that the odd light doesn’t work, even though the garage charged me to fix it, but just changed out the bulbs. We learned that the tires say 65 PSI while they were at 54, 44, 44, 50 and 32… huh




I then made it to Maple Bay and the out to Shawnagain.

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