The Old and The New

As I step into the RV I am daily left thinking “I know I’ve spent tons of money fixing this… but on what?1 It doesn’t look that much different”

So for future reference, and those who wonder how handy I’ve gotten since owning the beast.

Damn near the whole F*ing engine at 4900.00

The muffler

The alternator and many many wires

The outlets & faceplates

The interior lights

The chair covers

The bench covers

The whole couch was ripped out (thanks Norm)

A new couch/day bed was built

The anode rod

The propane … metal connectors (thanks Pete)

Spray foaming the whole back

Spray foamed all points of small critter entry

The caulking

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Side compartments
  • Windows

All the screens (with help thanks Betty)

The tire cover

New driving and passenger seat covers

Paper towel holders

All the drawer liners and no-slip mats

The carpet by the drivers side on the floor

The step cover

The no-slip traction tape at the entrance points

Bolts for the cup holder

The bench seats braced with new bolts e

Yanked off the awning

Bathroom kick stand

Added fridge bars

Added 360 mini mirrors

WD40’d doors, screens etc

Added a screen door bar

Then had to have part of the aluminum door frame angled grinded (Thanks Pedro and Maureen)

Replaced (it was not even there)) roof vent covers

Ripped off the old 80s antennas

Glued the water tank cap back on

Added Sav’s seahorse wall hook

Sink drains as it was missing a few

Changed side cooler compartment to useable dry storage

New sewer hoses

New water hoses

New water pressure adapter

New sewer connector piping

New clamps

Attached the solar light from Linda

The inside cupboard wall, the wheel well carpeting and a back wall under the cupboard needed to be ripped out after the rodent nest was discovered and the three day trapping fiasco ended (see other post)

Strictly aesthetical aspects

Removed the ugly arse ruffly curtains

Added magnetic spice jars

Got a dish rack

Found cut tubs for the bathroom

Bought a fun old roller vacuum

New storage bins for inside

Hung star lights for sav

Glow in the dark stars on Sav’s ceiling

Press on puck lighting in the closest

Added a few sea themed decals to the bathroom

Attached a turtle (from Finn I believe) to the bathroom wall

Attached a shell from Oli to the broom wall

New cushy bathmat… mostly to collect cat litter… well worth it, sigh

Hung art work from

  • The lagoon (Miss Aubrey) BFF to Savannah (and rival for my attention)
  • The octopus (Mme Wilma Millete) Former grade two teacher and friend
  • The poppy field (Linda Onassis) Dear friend and former co-worker
  • Mossy treed forest (Ross Hickling) My Uncle

While not hung it is a work of art. Gifted to us was a knife, hand carved ad forged by Jason Wilems. Jason and Pam and their two lovely children were our neighbours and wonderful friends for two years of living on the old lake cowichan rd. They have two of the grandkids of Maleficent, Scorpio and Storm. They put up with non-stop bon fires, 12 chickens and a rooster, my stomping out their at all hours in gumboots and dress shirts to feed the mob, the 14 kittens of that last year, the fish, the frogs, the three little ducklings and the temporary chaos that was Elsa, the Anatolian shepherd whom we were simply meant to find the right home for… and Mr Max. This doesn’t even touch on the other things like chimney fires and the ex. They truly are just lovely people and I was sad to loose that connection.

Needed items we bought

RV toilet paper

Toilet flush hosing

Toilet enzyme (reduce the smell of waste)

Sewer connector wrench

The clamps, rings, seals and more for sewer lines

The curved clear waste viewing pipe… nice

Chock blocks

Heaps of Velcro

Water filter

  • Bottle
  • Hoses
  • Connection

Flex water line connectors

Spare keys


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