The rodents

So this happened.

The short version is after  buying it and living in it we noticed an odour… and our things being chewed. Was that first viewing of the motorhome suspicions accurate? (fyi they said it was wear from their cat and dog… sneaky liars) Heck yes. Rodents… which in a home this tiny makes them feel like R.O.U.S

We camped in the truck for one to two nights. The stayed with friends on another night.  We drove around once at 3am avoiding the RV and letting the vermin be caught.

Side note. If you ever want to catch’em quick use peanut butter and bacon.

The wall had to be torn out. Carpeting removed. Gaping holes spray foamed. Baking soda boughg in bulk and a borrowed shop vac used daily.

We added new carpeting, a new wall, a new pony wall, scrubbed other carpeting, patched fabric and much more.  The little buggers are gone and we’re  rodent catching wiser.

The cat has yet to earn her keep.


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