Have we left yet? Our version of Are we there yet?

Leaving!! Day 1 part 1

But first a quick look back at the last few days of getting ready.


Sav took longer to recover than the typical munchkin. She bled from her sutured mouth for 3 days straight. The first day was tough. Some kids wake up from GA well, some are pretty funny. Look up David After Dentist. Others are not so funny, Sav falls into that category, it could be subtitled, sobbing hysterical mess. No more needs to be said. The drive home with her and Max was long. Lynne, Bonnie and Sara were amazing with Sav though. So lovely. Thanks ❤

Then to Chemains to the RV repair place. Duncan Auto just about overheated and blew my engine with too many belts, one was the wrong size and others were routed wrongly. I was fuming. So was the truck. Literally.

T D repairs. I love you. Thanks for fixing that.

Then Grampa installed a stereo. It only had a tape deck before. Google that. It’ll look hilarious to you. I still had about 12 tapes though. But playing CDs was going to be so much better. Savannah stayed there I went to inform the Duncan shop of their shoddy service.

Then back to Chemainus.8

Then Ladysmith for an added leaf spring as mine are shot.

Then Maple Bay

Then Ladysmith

Then Chemainus

Then we were in for the night. I should check the km value of that day.



Started with a panicked phone call to the repair shop.

“The cat is loose. Please be careful opening the doors. She is a fanstic escape artist!”

They understood and were so kind. Dave laughed.Was myself just running around getting food, cleaning the RV, getting more drugs and squishy foods. Meeting a random friend for a quick hello at 7am in Ladysmith and back to the RV. Then we saw Oli and Jane for a last visit. You notice how tiny your seating area is when you’re almost sitting on someones lap as you visit ha ha. We discussed zombies at great length and the legalities of tying someone to a vehicle. A usual conversation theme for us, random and funny. It was wonderful.



We are leaving on the 5:15am boat come heck or high water.

The curtains were rehung. Thank you, you know who you are 😉

The day ended with a lovely visit from Aubrey, Linda and Mischa. Then a tetanus shot around 10:30pm. Sav was up and wide awake until two in the morning and I was until five am. Visiting with dear friends and sorting out (ok not really, semi sorting) route details.



The first ferry of the morning passed us by as we slept, heck I’d just gone to bed. Then the second, and the third. We had to go back to the dentist for a check up due to the lack of clotting. She has 3 stitches. Her stitch count total is now at 6. I had to get antibiotics for the rapidly spreading infection in my big toe. Turns out reeeeeaaaally old rusty cars are quick acting infection agents.

We visited Lisa and Malakai. I started the visit with “Hi, can’t stay too long we have a bag of ice in the truck.” 2.5 hours later there was ¼ of a bag of ice and the floor of the truck and part of the road had a nice cooling bath after a hot day. It was funny and well worth it. We sped off to see Bonnie quickly after finding her at the wrong house. Sorry about the lack of gas in the truck, please send a picture of her. Sigh I’ll miss that girl.


So we didn’t make it off The Rock on Monday. Much to Sav’s, loudly stated, dismay.









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