If you had asked me a month ago where I thought we would be, it wouldn’t be here. Bathing on my Aunt and Uncle’s back porch while they are away tucked in the trees, filling a cooler full of luke warm hose water. Why was I doing this? So we could have a sponge bath, a literal one.


What is something we take the for granted daily?

Food, the ability to clothe ones self easily, heat…. Sure all of those things. More than that it is personal hygiene, which I’m a pretty big fan of. I’ve never been ok with going to bed without having clean feet. Because that is gross. I shower daily, more if I want to. Hygiene is of the utmost importance. I’m used to hearing things like “Your hair smells great” Aw thanks. “Are you wearing perfume” No, that’s just cleanliness. Now on a hot sunny day of driving (because that’s most of our life now) I’m very aware of the heat and how hot and sweaty I’ll get.


Here is a challenge for you. Try not accessing water aside from a random public facility for a few days. Heck, try it for a week. You’ll never make it. We didn’t have water hook up for a while. We still don’t have hot water… that whole 4 litre jug worth of it in the hot water tank. This means that the “little things” showering, brushing your teeth, flushing a toilet, washing your face, and other daily usuals are more complicated and planned. Once we got coffee and baked goods and I grabbed a napkin and poured water on it so I could wash my neck as we drove away.


Yesterday I had two showers. Why? Because two months into this lifestyle I have discouvered that any opportunity to shower, use hot water and shave my legs is a good one.   Otherwise we could hit the prairies and I might look like a sasquatch by that point. Savannah however still likes showers as much as she did before. Chances to shower are rebuffed with a “Nah, maybe later.” Or “Do I haaaave to?” or “Ugh why?” Living like this you don’t know when the next warm shower is. I’ll admit that as I showered, I was briefly concerned about the cat locked in the bathroom of the RV as it sat outside the mechanics shop where we later be sleeping as repairs were not fully done. But then I was so happy to have a nice hot shower that emotion left rather quickly. I imagine the tank in the RV will be enough water to wash my hair and that’s it. So I’m inclined to plan our trip around public pools. Savannah’s perspective sees that as a great swim. I see it as a cheap shower.


Thanks you two, for the lovely showers yesterday.

It might be the end of that for a little while.




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