Leaving Day 2 Part 1

I didn’t sleep at all. I listened to an animal that I tried to located an dhelp, but couldn’t find, get killed, for what felt like hours… and was more than two.

I walked back in to the RV to discover Max peed on my bed. On it. What the heck dog. This is normally an easy fix. If you have a washer or know where one (That’s accessible) is between here and Hells Gate. I don’t off hand. So we got up, got ready and backed out of the driveway super early. Sorry neighbours. But it didn’t stall out five times. Wooo hoooo!

We drove to ladysmith. Got gas, somehow missed backing into a black car I did NOT see as I switched to the right gas pump. We then discovered we did not have lighter outlet power….. This translates to: No phone. No GPS. No dash cam and no charging of anything


Ok I can maybe do that for a province or two creatively.


Then the lights don’t work.


No high beams… Hmmmm


We turn the corner.


The dash goes dark.


At 4:30am we turn back towards Duncan. Missing another ferry, the first and I feel ideal boat. We call Grampa. He answers. Maybe thinking we’ve crashed or something. We mention things not working and say we’ll park outside and can he please help us when he’s ready.

When we get there he is ready.

Turns out the high beam issue was failure to remember how Retro our RV is… There is a foot push button. Awesome.

Mom brings us all out coffee as we perform 35 year old RV resuscitation in the dark by flashlight. Savannah spills the coffee. The RV smells like pee, sweaty Mom and spilled coffee. Good morning world.

Four hours later 25.11 at Lordco two boxes of fuses, three failed light bulbs and a shower later we are on our way!

Currently on the Departure Bay Ferry deciding where to go after I finish typing this.

Still no dash lights, but who wants to drive in the dark anyway. Plus, glowsticks make a great plan B.

We’re winging it.





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