My Fork

When you live in an RV you take the things you love.

When you live in an RV it’s like camping.  All the time. Everyone knows how easily you can loose things when camping.

Not so early this morning Savannah ate pasta. She can’t eat much else so she comes out eating her food with the fork. My fork.

Let’s first explain.
I’m not a possesive person. I really like my stuff but I’d give it away in a heartbeat if it was needed.  However I have a few things I love.

Nearly everything I have is sold off or given away. A small bit is in storage.

Much of my childhood items have been tossed, save the ones I tucked away for my child.

So when I get attached to something. It’s like a love affair. 

I’ve had this fork (of all the things to get attached to) and it’s amazing.  I know I’ve had it since middle school.  Maybe before then but I don’t remember it’s arrival.  


At every meal I’d grab it or trade-out the one I was given.  At graduation I made sure to grab it right away.  It’s been with me since.  Every move, house, province and more.  I have not ever seen another one like it.  It’s got a funky pattern and it’s the right shape. Yes it’s just a fork but it stands out for some reason.

Here’s hoping it’s with us on the East Coast.
Here’s a picture incase it doesn’t.

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