Mistake were made

Woke up at 6:00am. And shower again.
Why because I paid for it with camping and I was gloing to enjoy the hot water.   
I made coffee and pasta for the post-surgery eater in the family. Then we went down to the river to good old-fashion-style  wash our clothes  with a washboard. One that cost 45.00 only to be found at an antique store.  At checkout time things were not dry so we hung everything  inside  the heat box on an RV to dry as we drove. Iver curtain hooks, doors and ladders. We checkes out half an hour late. And I was ok with it. The belts in The Beast started squealing again. Damn it.

We headed for Merritt.

If I used my twitter account it would be covered in #GARMINLIES or #GPSisshit or #69kmbooooGARMIN.
it drove us right out Merritt. Tried to go with a 69km detour back when Kamloops was 53 km away at that point. I had to pee so badly it looked like I was pregnant. At just the right  moment there was a gross, very very gross, truckers  bathroom. There was no door handle. No lock of any kind. It did  have toilet paper. This led to a discussion in bathroom  safety and other vehichles near-by. Then we went to Kamloops. Forget Merritt. At Kamloops we circled the same loop of 4 blocks trying to find Timmies. We could see it we just couldn’t get there.  We settled for Teen Burgers and a Rootbeer milkshake. Then we went to Costco. Now I walk around parking lots to map our things like the gas bar and parking. We got paper towel. It was cheap and we go through a fair bit. However storing 12 rolls of paper towel is tougher in a small space. I bought some salads. They are still luke warm without the fridge going. I’ll be testing my stomaches stamina this trip.  We found another Timmies and updated  the blog. Then we drove to Salmon Arm and stayed at a Walmart Parking  lot. There was signage not to bit five other groups there too. We asked then they said it was ok. They had a huge Costco chair.  The kids peed right in the parking lot buck naked and they stored their items in shopping carts. They were kind and friendly. The smoke was so heavy from the fires that it was hard to breath. The windows had to be closed. Sav was very concerned. It took some explaining and two other campers telling her it was ok. We tried to get ice but they were out. We went to sleep coughing a fair bit. Sav happily read  her Pheobe and her Unicorn comics for hours by solar light.






For Fin


More laundry drying


Not moving from Timmies till this guy does.


Hanging laundry

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