Calaway Park

Well the short version is it took 6 hours to face fears and get on  a rollercoaster  after being so excited to see one and wanting to go.

Sav went on two rides she was veey scared of first.  I went on three I dang near vomited on. I had to lay my head on a picnic table after the last one.  Incase you are left wondering which ones I was on.  Well, they were kiddie rides. That spinning around gets me now.

We woke up early and packed up our things with great team work and speed. Savannah even got me a cuo of free coffee. Yes they have free coffee, tea and hot chocolate at the campground/rv park.

By ten to ten we were waiting for the opening countdown with about one hundred other people.!

We were off. Timber falls was first. She wasn’t ready but wanted to. She felt like she was going to die. But she came out half and excited to do other rides.

Six hours later she had acomplished two others that my weak stomache couldn’t take. I’d like to point out that prior to having Savannah. I could do them all. And I loved it.

We’d gone back to the RV and checked in and walked the pets a few times.

So when she said sheer wanted to and was pumped to go on it as we were walking out to the RV to leave. I stopped. I said half the issue is the mindset and she had beaten that, so let’s go!

I was tempted to see I’d throw up because after those two kiddie rides I wasn’t sure. I duff thunk it was the spinning though. If I did throw up.. well I wouldn’t be back. So ha!

We both loved it.
My stomache and I.
Savannah and I.

We got to do two loops.
I’ll post the pictures later.
They are in the shop with the RV.

It was a great day. We got to share the pictures with the other people that were in the cars with us. And sav conwuered a pretty big fear.
I’m super proud!

The landed in Iricana and stayed with Mike and Joe. We had hamburgers and Max got to play with another dog named Nikita.






Loved this water bottle





Tall enough for ALL rides

Timber falls

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