Fort Carlton. Almost.

Sensing a theme?

I am.


This morning I woke up feeling brave.

Feeling like who-cares-what-I-look-like! So I hopped out of the RV in my oversized mens dress shirt, bra -less and in shorts.  Wearing my bed time glasses (the ones that are super fugly but I didn’t have time to return prior to leaving) Looking like a winner! I thought pffft really who will see me?!

Yes, those are the times you see people.

Outside the ladies bathroom a group of two older women and their combined three teen daughters  were with Max who was tied) as I came out of the bathroom. I was suddenly very aware I didn’t have a bra on and the entire visit continued with me standing awkwardly with my arms crossed. We discussed service roads, how speed fines triple, their dog, where they were headed, where we were headed, which hot springs were best. They were headed to Pocahontas, so I raved about Miette.

After leaving their and getting back to the RV we ran into Toby, a 130lbs golden retriever. He was just three years old. His owner Irene was very kind, and as the campsite was pretty dead we both unhooked our dogs and let them run and play. Great for both of them size wise and temperament wise. They left their play date after eating food, running, slobbering a ton (the retriever) and drinking heaps of water. Max ate the first group of people we met in the mornings bacon grease. Urgh. They were happy to share, I was worried about the effects later. Maleficent had a great morning hunting squirrels, scheming on which tree she figured she could climb and I cooked breakfast over an actual fire.  And coffee. Yum. Savannah hung the big hammock and we puttered for a little bit. I had a second shower purely for the sake of it, it was a large, clean, free facility. Win win.

North Battleford National Historic Site.

Is a lot of hype on the Parks Canada App. In person it is under-staffed and mostly empty. The kids explorer book couldn’t be completed and the best thing we learned was most parks close on the long weekend in September. We learned that from another 4Her.

Favorite points

  1. The glass fire retardant (that turns out is super unhealthy and cancer causing)
  2. The dress up room
  3. The women all working in period era costumes with welding visors on to view the solar eclipse that began as we checked in.
  4. The sad display of over killing with 20+ sets of buffalo horns used to make a chair.

We left feeling a bit disappointed. Though we were glad for the great camping, the stories and the gopher hunting.

We drove off to Fort Carlton, determined to make it before close. Who knew a large chunk of that drive was down gravel roads (That Savannah slept through) and I prayed we wouldn’t blow a tire on as I did 80km in The Beast aiming to make it before close. We got gas in Langham. It has the best gas station bathroom ever! Gorgeous floor to ceiling and it was huge. Good job people!

We got to Fort Calrton. Ten minutes before close. They had cashed out, it was bigger than we thought and down a road we were not going back today. So we camped overnight. It was 15.00 the cheapest yet. There was us and one other camper there. In a huge field, surrounded by trees. They were there for the commemoration of the Treaty 6 signing there 141 years prior on the day we left. Tiffany and her husband and their 5 year old son Johnny were great company and very friendly. They invited us for burgers. Johnny played with Max a ton and we visited. She was surprised and seemed impressed I’d smudged before with sage, and correctly. She prays nightly with sweetgrass smudging. Both are considered womens ways.

After dinner we went back to our site. With the loud howling of coyotes close by. Turns out they are typically Max sized. One went under the RV in the late evening. Max growled a bunch and I reassured Savannah it was nothing so she would sleep better. I wondered what I would do if it got overly curious.



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