Historical places 101 day

Today we covered  Fort Carlton, Duck Lake and Batoche National Historic Site.

Fort Carlton was quiet, with two lovely ladies working their. One served as a guide and the other checked us in. Camping and admission was $20.00 It was great!

We had a guided tour through three buildings and got to explore the wall.

Savannah recreated a covered-in-furs scene like her Uncles many years ago.

We learned about muzzle-loading guns, flint and stone, old styles chewing tobacco tins with burning glass built in. We saw a 900 year old bear trap and many Hudson Bay blankets.  Savannah lifted a 90lbs bail of furs after several unsuccessful attempts she asked me to. On the first try  I got it. She tried my method, it worked.

We visited the staff, saw a short film on women in the forts. We were given many gifts and souvenirs.

We headed for Batoche. Passing Duck Lake in the process. It is on the reserve. Sadly very poorly signed, with placards missing and only one tiny point-of-interest sign even noting it’s existence.

At Batoche we missed the bus, walked quickly and saw the rectory, the church and the graveyard. We saw the bullet holes made by the gatling gun that sits at Fort Battleford. We were then rushed back by staff to see the film on Batoche. This helped fill in the historical gaps left at Battleford and all the lingering questions I had on who Riel actually was, why he was “hanged for treason” and more.

We bought gifts at the store and then headed for Saskatoon.

Some people from Pennsylvania were stunned our RV actually ran. Nice. Thanks guys.

We headed for Saskatoon. It was a bit surreal as the last time I was here I was pregnant with the sleeping beauty beside me, who had no idea where we were headed.

We tried to eat at Red Lobster. The gas line in the kitchen blew and we were asked to basically evacuate the building. We ate a very yummy meal at Milestones and had cheesecake. The card we were given didn’t work, but CAA did give us a free appy with membership wooohooo. We drove over three of the bridges and tried to find where Savannah had lived before and where my hatred of Subway bread began during pregnancy. That one is still going strong. I’ll never eat it again.

We parked at the South Walmart on Clarence st. It was full of other RVers and a super cool motorcycle pop-up camper.

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