A wasted day

These happen on all road trips right?!

That delay when the vehicle is thinking forget it.

I was told our tires looked bad.
Old and worn by family and needing a change in Manitoba.

I took these people at their word. And with weather changing and the thumpity thump of every damn sealed crack in the road I was ready for less of that sh…stuff after 2.5 provinces

You know that moments when you have a little epiphany?
Mined happened roughly  10 minutes after spending two grand on new tires.
Well 86.00 less than two grand.  Which I was old was a good price. Yuck.
We left the Fountain Tire shop as dc on the way to Costco to get food the thumping confined. Shocks  I thought.
It’s the shocks.

Well let me tell you
Thats not helpful now.  Nope.
We ate dinner like champions out of the RV parked in the parking lot.

The best part of the day was the gas prices 85.9 people. 85.9 I don’t even remember what year it was when we had that price in BC it was so long ago..I fill up tanks out here and chuckle as I do, because I feel like I’m getting away with a theft or something.

We then drove around looking for a walmart after having limited success with the allstays page.. There were many more than listed so we drove to one unlisted.
It was by the Canadian Mint.
On a whim we thought oh lets see that.
We found other RVers. I knocked on an RV door to see if it was ok to park there.  A French Canadien couple were inside.  We spooked to the husband as the wife was busy  putting her pants on ha ha.  I thought yay more people who hate pants. This couple had done the Quebec-BC trip and were headed home.
We slept well with two other ancient  looking campers close by.. both in early 80s fiberglass.  One was a tow behind trailer with two east indian 20ish yr old ladies  and presumably their dad. Their door latch and lock had many issues he tried to fix. The other was a sunny truck motorhome combo.  Itty bitty and low to the ground.  A mildly eclectic (more so him than her) emerged. Later in the evening as it got dark he played his guitar  on a step stool (un-needed) outside. That was pleasant.

We finished some more post cards.
Which were discouvered are much harder to mail  than anything due to a lack of random postal boxes.









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