Meeting Guy Amalfitano

While driving down the highway this happened:

Part way down the road we saw an amputee man walking/running and across the road there was an RV pacing him with 4 way flashers on.

This seemed big.

Like something in the making.

So I pulled over and I googled it.  Honestly.  Thanks to technology I was able to quickly learn about Guy through a series of newspaper articles and vimeo video clips.  We drove backdown the hwy. We spoke to his driver. She offered us a ride in their RV up to him as he was going uphill, in the rain with a lot of oncoming  traffic so stopping there was less of a good choice. We waited till he was on the downswing of the hill. 

He is a very kind friendly and nice man.

It was an honour to meet him.

Check out these videos.

The next day we saw the “Terry Fox Scenic lookout”

It’s actually a beautful monument.






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