On to Woodstock

From Uncle Bill and Aunt Linda’s we stopped at a few tall statues and mostly drove for hours. We left late and pretty much just planned on driving.
We checked Walmarts online as we had pitstops. The city of Barrie is notok with parking overnight. So we stayed in Orillia. We got there late as we four a candy shop by fluke after seeing it online. We pulled over, backed up the side of the road in the RV then parked it and ran in. They were just closed. I got ballsy and walked it. Sav didn’t want to. We did. I asked if we could please come in and we’d be super quick. I ran around quickly. Savannah ran around quickly in the oposite direction. We promised the boys back home weird candy!! We’d finally come to the right place.

We grabbed A&W burgers and drove over to walmart. Sav thinks the rootbeer tastes different here. Sweeter. Who knows. Another camper was there, but so was the OPP. We checked inside. They said yes and not to even worry about the cops. Hmmmm. OK.

The next morning I was up early I went back across the hwy for coffee. It was a long line and in the end a nice lady about my age bought my coffee for me. That was really sweet.
Sav slept until we came to Grandads commemorative rock. There it was. Not nearly as small as I’d thought. It actually stands about 4 feet tall. We checked that out then drove down the road to where my Mom and her family grew up. Uncle Bill had mentioned it was one line over, so why not right?

We slowly got rerouted and saw a very scenic and sometimes gravel route out towards Woodstock. We still foubd a few statues.
We missed about 20 in Guelph alone but it was a moment of bad GPS and yellow lights. I’ve now gone through four of them due to safety or already being committed to the intersection.

We got to Grannys around 5pm. I called a few times but got no answer so we just goggled the address and showed up. We had a nice visit. Played some card games and ate dinner together. Granny offered to do our laundry. That was very sweet. We just have her a little bit.

We drove to walmart at night and again had OPP sitting out by the RVs for a while.
Kids did doughnuts through the parking lot and circled the RVs for fun.
It poured down rain at night

Sunday morning we went to Church with Granny and Aunt Bonnie. Then Granny took us all out for lunch at a Chinese Buffet. It was easier to hear eachother there and they had variety. She’d recently been and had enjoyed it.
You know who else did. Savannah. She ate 11 plates of food. Eleven. I don’t even know where she packed that away. Then we went for a walk after lunch. Visited at Grannys learned about fur trapping and her favorite things to skin. We had showers and I trimmed my hair.

After messaging cousins in the south we realized we better scamper off and visit as a lot of family was leaving this coming weekend.
So we drove till 10:30 at got too Melissa’s who’d kindly offered her place to us. Savannah had been asleep for about a hour or two so I woke her up. We visited a bit which was nice. It’s been years for myself being out here. Then Savannah went back to bed went to bed.

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