MosaiCanada 2017

A lady who operated the tourist info centre in Moonbeam (yes it’s a real place) first told us about this when I saw the pamphlet that made me think of the movie Moana. Which I loooooved.

She showed us pictures. Then Aunt Linda also said it was great and gavr us dates that it ran till etc. I’d  only managed to grab the french pamphlet so this was beyond helpful.

So after fighting the Uber app and my bank who thought I’d  been the victim of fraud it was finally sorted nearly four hours later. 

We got a  Uber.

To the wrong park.

Luckily it was connected and in the meantime we saw some funny and cute furry friends.

Then we walked and walked and finally got to the right park. 

It was gorgeous.

Sav was disappointed “BC just got a whale that’s the least fun”

But they were stunning.

There is a video on Facebook for those I’m “friends” with. 

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