Parliment Hill

Well we stayed a third day simply to see if we  could get in to view the inside after two days of being outside for various viewing and lovely light shows two nights in a row.

We got up at 7am. Savannah was thrilled. Nope. And we were in an Uber by 8am.

We were in line at 90 Wellington St by 8:12am

They opened at 9am

By 8:30 the line was around the corner of the block.

We were about ten from the front. Savannah was very thankful we got up when we did after that. 

And we got in for the first tour at 9:20!


After an RCMP  security check we went through a second check.

Now for anyone that knows me I buy Fords. Old ones. Ones with character  that usually create large headaches, bills and the need to carry tools around. Months ago while driving Red I had to disconnect the battery at ever stop. My Uncle Ross kindly have me a small wrench to make the job quicker.

If you know me well. You’ll know how muchI dislike purses. So I just carry a little  MEC shoulder bag.

Well between those two things I managed to hold up security for a solid ten minutes. The Wolverine-ish looking  security guard asked where he’d find  a wrench in my bag rather quietly  after mulling over pictures I  the scanner with a co-worker. I asked if he was being fecicious. A wrench? Was that code for something.  It went through the scanner again. Please note I’ve been using this bag almost daily for 5 weeks. I haven’t seen a wrench so I don’t think he’s serious. It goes through again. Our tour should have started by now.  Damn it I think. Still wondering what they are actually  looking for.  I ponder what could be in there,part of the truck that fell off? Keys? A nailfile? I’m at a loss.

He pulls out an actual wrench. I burst out laughing. I said you were serious?! I could have dumped the whole thing out and likely not seen it.  Which he did in the end and still had to dig for it. 

Then I was given a green tag of shame-on-you for bringing this here to pick up my contraband  item later.  

 After that we all got through security and the tour started. 

Never a dull moment. 

Also the guard by the library was damn hot. He was cute, short, bald, in uniform and spoke only French. But we both got to stare and smile a bit. Flirting is great. Grim a distance as I hadn’t showered in… two or three days by this point. 

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