The POS RV and Mom guilt 

Well  we left Belle River only to make two stops then have the bekts sqeal like mad and The Beast loose power but still rev high. 

Story of my life. 

The short version I spent 3.5 hours cursing while repeatedly  crawling under the RV  in spurts of pouring down rain at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere.  Just trying to sort out wtf my power steering fluid would go. 

I didn’t find it.  

We left with nothing really fix but added some fluid and bought some ice.  

We talked about Wonderland. Checked out the walmart. They said no in the easiest pass-the-buck kind of way.  In the meantime we saw a person in a head  to toe bunny costume walk to their vehichle.

So we went to a good old Onroute just outside time. A place we’ve  stayed about 3 times now. 

In  the morning I semi surprised Sav with Canadas Wonderland

We went in the Leviathan

I’ll  add more detail tomorrow because iut was comical. 

But she survived the biggest and baddest ride first. 

 We then spent another 5 hours there then headed on our way

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