Windsor area

We stayed here for… five nights.  I had to count the nights by the names of people we stayed with ha ha. 

After Melissa’s we had lunch with Aunt Anita and Uncle John.

Then we saw Derek, Dylan, Aunt Beth and Natalie.

We stayed there at night. Derek really likes the whole motorhome idea. Which helps me appreciate it more in days I’m frustrated with it. 

Derek was amazing in patching all the roof leaks, changing the power steering line and more. 

I managed to hang the door wrong  after getting caulk-happy and patching heaps including the door hardware. So it more requires a match more forcible  hand

We  saw Jocelyn and the kids for two days then  Brett at night. 

Hadley is super chatty and had fun visiting vs sleeping the one night.  Both the kids  loved Mr Max.

The last night we spent in Windsor we were back at Aunt Beths. We were going to leave earlier but another weather moved in and just poured down rain.  

Savannah left in love with the idea off a free hedgehog.

I left happy to have had some good visiting in and happy to get to know some of my cousins better.

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