Confessions of a first time RVer

Like the intro says. 

When jumping into this choice and lifestyle it was all a little wing-it

We had to quickly choose one. 

It ended up being sub-par and continues to give me grief almost daily. But at the sane time it’s slowly getting the job done.

I know more for next time anyway.

Starting with we’re getting a damn van. 

So far things have been a matter of timing and near misses.

Getting on and off  of a BC Ferry only three days after driving the Beast was an experience

Driving through Rogers pass because most of the alternate routes out of BC were closed and on fire was a challenge.

Semi truck drivers hate you when you can only do 60 uphill.

But this is the point where I stopped giving a fuck about who else was on the road. Because I had two choices.  Let it stress  me out, or really just not give a damn. I chose the latter.

I’ve been very concious  about sanidumping. Except the one time I accidentally dumped the wrong tank in a campground and the other time. I’ll leave it at that. 

Once in a construction zone I got turned around due to screwy cone placement. At a light I turned right not in the turn/merge lane. I’m sure people thought WTF lady. I didn’t see it till after it was all done. 

I’ve discovered I’m cheap now and would rather spend money on event like tours or rollercoasters or gas than campground fees. $45-$65 a night.  Geez. It’s cheaper than a hotel but really I’m just plugging  in my  house lights and phone people. It had better have a coin-free shower.

I like walmart now.  Why because I’ve saved hundreds staying there over night this trip. 

And Ontarios Onroute staying there saved about another 200.00

The Beast has died so many times now mid intersection that I laugh vs freaking out.  I just restart it and keep driving. No apology.

I dislike mechanics due to the fact that so many lie. We changed and fixed your belts they say along with the bill only to discover 1000+km later that actually they didn’t. 

If anyone tells you the 401 is scary I  a motorhome. Tell them to drive through the Rockies, the 401 is a cake walk. 

Some photos of The Beast as we travel.

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