Fort Chambly

We stayed at a KOA in south Montreal. With poor parking availability and a Beast to drive in, we bypassed Montreal. We spent two days at the KOA due to there being sunshine and a pool as well as onsite and laundry needs.  I also wasn’t 100% up to driving around for a day needed to rest-ish.

Savannah made a little buddy who thinks I’m a helicopter mom (for checking on my kid 2 hours after I asked her to come back)

We watched Once and charged our items. 

Max and I almost got sprayed by a skunk ay 4:30am.

We did four loads of laundry and showered  2x a day because it was free and it was muggy out. A nice lady let us stat at a front site to do laundry and another  let us upgrade and stay there for gree that night.  I was so thankful for that.

We left in the morning and headed to Quebec.

We stopped at Fort Chambly

It is nestled inside a grassy park. With art displayed and a decent parking lot if you get there early.

It looked like castle
It had an amazingly long history 

A food exhibit

& a great layout 

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