The Chambly locks  1-2-3

These are the only manually operated locks in Quebec
It was a solid hour and a half by the time we checked things out. Watched the waster levels drop, then discouvered  boats about to go through.  Instead of the usual kid wishes “I wish we haf a boat ” “I wish we could go through” Savannah was just thrilled to be able to see actual boats go through.  She clapped rapidly an dc cheered once she discovered this would happen. She was shocked at how many people came and looked and left without staying for the whole thing.  I’m glad she thinks the way she does.  I’m typically pretty pround of her. So in the cooking hot sun we  stayed.  Muggy, sweaty and gross to watch thus lock system event take place.  It took four employees and a good amount of arm muscle. The while system to go up takes about 45 minutes and was great to witness.

We’ve now seen the Rideau Canal the Carrilon lift lock and the Chambly locks 1-3

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