On to New Bruisnwick!

We stayed the night and left in the early. morning for Levis Fort. We arrived very early and got in a good dog walk

Once inside the fort Savannah tried gunpowder tea. I sissied out. We checked out all the displayed and trade ties. The construction and fluidity to the place. We left Quebec after stopping at this fort. The last of the parks canada parks in Quebec We arrived in New Bruiswick in the early evening. 

We stopped at the tourist info centre and while it was closed Savannah exclaimed “Hey the three ships!”as she pointed to the flags at the welcome entrance.

I thought oh yay another landmark moment. Geography is sinking in. 

Nope. She just remembered that at Gatineau the plant display had three ships.

Parenting fail.

She is getting better though.  A favorite bands of mind ended up helping. She had a bit of an epiphany moment while discussing Quebec. There is a song called “Canadas Really Big” well once she got it, her singing got even louder when she figured that out. She knew it was because Quebec wanted to seperate. She knew it was a big big province. And she knows first hand how big this Country really is.  I’m happy the quirky songs and Canadian Spirit paid off ha ha. 

It got colder and foggier while being beautiful and stunning with all the leaves changing colour. I saw a barn and a house that stood out like I had seen them before or somehow the were in my life. It was a very weird situation. Like de ja vu but more intense.  

We made it to a place called Panoramic campground 1986.

It was a DELIGHTFUL place. They were kind, friendly, corteus. They guided us to our sight in golf cart. It was the most relaxed place.  I truly felt completely calm.  Not rushed or watching the time.  Just content.

We tucked in for a nice nights sleep. Max, Savannah and that cat…. all joined me on my bed.

You guessed it.  My sleep was amazing!

That should read solely as sarcastic 🙂



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