The Coastal Route

We got up early.  Much to Savannah’s dislike. I did the usual, shower twice because it’s freeeeeeee. 

We drove drove drove until Saint Johns. We slept at the walmart there after rerouting due to a great deal of construction. 
Then we put the animals back in the Beast and  drove off  in search of the highest red cliffs the island has.

We found some amazing views, changing weather, more abandonded farmsteads and homes and the Stompin Tom Connors Centre. Inside the centre was full of friendly people till you go to sit in the dining room/lounge (as reccomended by staff) Then all the adults move to the bar and start speaking french.


We backtracked a little and went to camp at the RV site we’d  seen earlier. It was getting dark and it was close and open. Even better it turns out it was situated right on the cliffs. We showered in a funky smelling converted barn and I dted Savannahs hair red as she’d asked.

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