Nail Pond to Cavendish

What a coast!

I’ve fallen in love with the high cliffs, the aging and abandoned homesteads and the stories that are clearly in them. I love the views of the water, the rolling fog and the sharp contrasts. The tiny homes that make us all seem ostentatious and a little greedy in our land hogging on the West Coast. Seeing the farmland touch the edge off the cliff and roll off is truly beautiful. 

We drive away from our camp spot early in the morning driving up to the North Cape to see the long sandbar. It was during a rising tide so not much was seen but it was picturesque regardless.  

We saw our third red fox. Which I’ve just adored for years! So seeing them is fantastic!

It always makes me chuckle a little when people stare so much as we drive by. I cannot decide if it is due to the the age of the Beast or because a female is driving it or because I’m under the age of 65. 

We then drove down highway two and cut off several times to view lighthouses and random things.  We drove by a wool mill well actually we circled back for it.  What a joy that was. It’ll be a post of it’s own. 

We then drove by the Anne of Green Gables Museum. It caught my eye when I read a sign stating  “the lake of shining waters” Eeerch!! Went the Beast and then a five point turn happened on a busy road. we went in.  Turns out close to closing and without knowing we were there they closed up. You see the RV was parked up top in a fieldand even thigh we talked they must not have heard us. We ended up chatting a lady andI whom I imagine to be a Campbell family member. We talked about a lot of things.  Then she said Max could come run around with Gemma. Her happily ran around and she gave Savannah some real rasberrry cordial. What a lucky girl. 

We got to Cavendish privincial park around six pm.. it was just light enough to check in. The wind on the water was startlingly loud which made is sound strong and very much of a force to be reckoned with. 

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