Avonlea, Green Gables and a special lobster supper

My love of lighthouses and all things oean related is now typically thrown off course by the seasonal ebb of tourism that causes everything to shut- the -frack- down instantly when Sept hits. So many campsites, lighthouses, tours etc etc are closed. Drat. 

While thsy timint is not great another is improving.

Our ability to time things with busloads of seniors tours! Five buses full this time. Five.  The parks employee said “And how are you today?” As we checked in “Feeling very youthful” I said before I paid heed to who was around me.  Luckily no one was.  He got a good chuckle out of that

We saw the mock-up Green Gables that Canada parks dressed up like it may have once been. We were told that LM Montgomery took many many photographs so they were able to draw from that extensively both in the house and when rebuilding the outbuildings.

We walked through the haunted woods. Wondering what we might see around the corner that LM might have seen….much to our the surprise we stepped out into a nicely mowed patch of grass and right into middle of a golf game. We stood there, gigging for a second at how silly that was before we turned back to pull bark off a tree to send to a friend. 

We briefly checked out what was once a fake town of Avonlea that has been closed for four plus years. We talked with a nice lady  running the cash at a gift shop as dc admired her hand stitched quilt entirely in octagon shapes.

Savannah wanted to have a sit down lobster supper. Her reasoning as a first time eating it she really wanted to (hopefully) enjoy it.  It made sense, so we did.  I googled it and we got great reviews on the New Glasgow lobster supper.

It’s four courses.

First fresh buns. Then all you can eat muscles og and more buns if you like. Then salads, three types arrive. Then soup. You can have seconds on the last two. Then your  lobster. Then a choice of desert and again seconds.  

It was impressive.

We both tried lobster and muscles for the first time together. 

Then back to the campground  for a second night. 

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