Boardwalks and golf course camping. A curious combination.

First thing we did was stop at the Dunes Cafe and Shop. Sav has all those pictures on her phone so I’ll add those later bit it was a stunning maze if pottery, sculptures, art and crafts.  The gardens were a place you could spend hours in on a sunny day. Or sit on the rooftop garden after you ordered lunch from the cafe. The pottery studio onsite was a nice added touch to a place with so much flare already. 

We drove around more of the costal route until we got to Greenwich trail. We walked a 3.4 km trail on the floating boardwalk it was beautiful. The flag was at half mast there which made me wonder. 

We debated  Souris, but didn’t  know why we circled  it on the map. Google didn’t bring up much. 
We checked  the tide and mixed sand beach.  That didn’t  work.

Two lighthouses were closed.
The east island wasn’t going to happen. 

Until Savannah saw a fleece and fiber  trail brochure at the Dunes Cafe and Shop

So we thought. Meh what the heck. Lets go that away. So we headed towards Belfast to camp at Lord Selkirks campground in Eldon.

We passed day one of the 70 mile yardsale getting there and once there I ended cutting firewood for a family and giving then some cedar shaving muffins t an dc cardboard to start their fire. We visited for a bit the dogs ran around together. His name is Mic a husky-shepherd mix.

We ate dinner on the blanket from Aunt Peggy on a cliff  overlooking Orwell Cove at sunset.

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