Hanging off a cliff to camping at walmart

RecapA quick snap shot of our day: This morning I had a nice shower. Then I hung off the red sands cliffs  holding on to a tree, getting a much close view of the cove than I planned. We ate lunch in a jail in Charlottetowm, crossed 12.9km bridge and drove back towards the beautiful  colour changes of autumn.

But here’s a more detailed recap of today. 

We got up early to follow the fibre trail.

After my morning shower I took pity on the poor cat and let her out. Usually she’s great.  This timbrr she scampered through the fenced off area, tried to kill a chimpmunk, failed and went exploring/running away. I forced my way through dence treed area, grabbed a tree and used it as a guide rope to hang off the cliff the cat was climbing down. I pulled pine needles out of my clothing for a while and acquired a nice set of bruises.

We checked out the Belfast Mini Mill and the Fleece & Harmony Mill chatting ay greasy length with the latter. It’s nice to have real conversations at times. Both weren’t offering tours at the time but they were both of value in felting inspirations for Savannah

Once we’d  left we joined in this 70 mile yard sale. It was important to Sav to say she had done it which is cute and we have both missed many things on this trip. So we pulled over and joined in. She got some phrase cards, a free magnetic ring was gifted to her and we got a movie together.  My favorite a box of 8 tracks!

We drove to Charlottetown and had lunch in a jail that was built in 1911 and c

Was the place of the last execution on PEI.

We drove the bridge back and continued driving non-stop till Truro. I got my first needle felting lesson and we meet a lovely couler from Vancouver after the husband came over and thumbs-upped the RV. Later he came back with his wife.  They gave us all their brochures on the area and the must see things.  It was very sweet.

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