A series of choices… 

Led to smoking brakes

Interior vehicle failure

Impromptu overnight camping

Stunning views and the only four really good-looking men so far.

Thank you Cabot Trail, Ingonish and the Smokey Mountain area.
So here’s what happened. Yesterday we were driving, we’d  left Antigonish and we planned on seeing the miners museum in Glace Bay then Louisburg NS. Both sounded amazing and came reccomended. But then we were at a literal fork in the road, the weather was amazing and there was talk of driving back West for the winter… but it was right there, the Cabot Trail… world famous (and you read about it somewhere in  your formative school years)  We  took the form going around the trail. Why? Because we are here now.  Because the weather is great. And because I hadn’t read enough about it to know better!

Turns out it’s stunning. Stunning, however comes with cliffs, hairpin turns, that might rival my childhood memories of driving home to Bella Coola down The Hill, and at several points a 13% grade. Throw in construction for kicks, because ’tis the season. Bam! You’ve got a recipe for a 1985 Beast smoking halfway down a mountain, smelling like burnt brakes, a frustrated red head at the wheel and other tourists looking at me like I’m nuts. This occured the most when I pulled over at one little pullout spot. I parked amid my own smoke cloud and googled going down a hill. Yes I’ll admit it I could have done that better, but honestly didn’t know it was so steep and couldn’t Google it while driving. Then as I  sitting there, embarrassed, searching for answers online and thinking f#@&* f&#@* f!@$ some wise  arse guy parks right infront on me. Blocking me in on a  angle facing the front of The Beast. A couple things angered me. First  off, that’s just asshole parking and what if I wanted to move?  Secondly it’s not safe. I could roll and squish that damn car at any given moment. It’s smoking partly because there is waaaaay too much stuff in here  for driving let alone going down a steep mountain loaded to the hilt. Common sense people. Don’t do dumb things.. that said, I did something dumb too. I did not check the elevations before exploring  “The Highlands” of the Cabot Trail, the name is a dead giveaway. 

Oh well. 

We survived. So did The Beast. Maybe not the brakes though.  The jury is still out on that one.

We camped overnight in a parks canada place.  Luckily too because in the morning when we left there was a “you’re now leaving ________park” within 300 meters of our pulling out.

Upon parking ALL auxiliary  functions died. No heat. No water. No lights.  No pump. No nada. I checked fuses, wiring, under the hood. Everything was fine.  Damn it.  

A while ago a friend mentioned how great trips can be because they restore your faith im humanity in the aspect of  people being kind and helpful. I kind of gapped out when she mentioned it, trying you recall some good.  However I’ve struggled for hours in the rain at a truck stop, I’ve been ripped off by several mechanics, I struggled lighting a fire with crappy wood and last night I couldn’t get the dang hood open.  Something I’ve done many many times before, just wouldn’t work.  During all of these circumstances not one man, and all situations have had several in them or waking by, not one gas offered to help. So no, roadtrips haven’t restored my faith in hunan kindness. It’s makes me think chivalry or even the kindness of helping others is dead. The fire and the hood I could do, but extenuating circumstances changed that. Just the offer would have been nice.  

 But I disgress.

The Cabot Trail is stunning. It has a genuine beauty to it. I have a fondness for steep stunning red cliffs. They are romantic and wild to me. I’m very glad we did it. Brakes fried or not.  Savannah was  a bit thrown off to learn that the trail part of Cabot Trail, didn’t actually  mean a  get-out-and-walk trail  instead of the drive around it trail that it was. That’s my little outdoorsy  West Coast girl ♡

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