Peggys Cove 

We went back here twice. My little old soul of a daughter was disappointed she didn’t bring a book to read on the bluffs the second time. That was rather cute.  We ate breakfast instead as we left the RV at 6:20 to watch the sunrise. Without mountains that buy you a few extra minutes we quickly stopped at the SwissAir flight 111 memorial site to watch the sun come up.

It was beatiful and sad. It led to many conversations on how long they had prior to death, how they were retrieved and much more.  We ended up following what we thought that was an additional path carved by people over time, to discouver it was a water runoff creek and ended us in  boggy water. We also learned that it was a preservation area. Woops

It was a good way to wind down our time with friends. We’re  so thankful for the tour of the area that Fred gave us, for the loaner of the cars over the next four days. For the diners, showers and laundry and watching “When calls the heart.” It was restful and relaxing.

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