Louisburg NS

Given that this is the greatest reconstruction in ALL of North America. That it is only 1/5th it’s original size. 

And that it is only one of two walled forts in Canada. 

We should have been in awe.

But we weren’t.

Maybe it was the let down after the beauty of the Cabot Trail. Or post mine experience.

Maybe it was that we truly had OD’d on forts and fortresses.

Or simply that it was off-season,  most workers were gone and the parks employees gave the wrong guide times. Twice.  

Is it a work of art. Yes.  But knowing it is all recreated takes away from that  a bit. Knowing some buildings were off limits as they were offices also took away from that. Then there’s the female solider. We both did a double take thinking “Yah that’s wrong.”

If you go in. Maybe just see it as a giant old fashioned theme park with lots of interpreters (people dressed in period costume assuming roles) that’s still under construction in some areas.

What I enjoyed learning was that this while reconstruction project began partly to give miners jobs because the mines were shutting down in the late 1960s.

It then went years over the estimated time and way overt budget. Government project.  No shocker there ha ha.

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