Well here it is. We got to see if after all.

We went for an hour tour and three hours later it felt like no time had really passed at all.  

What did I learn from that? Well I guess I’d make a good mole. Confined living is ok and it’s like a fun little maze to get lost in. 

From this we had great discussions on both world wars, the cold war,nuclear bombs, priministers, being able to leave fanily if needed, hiroshima and much more. We also discussions on womens quaters, the freezer doubling as a morgue and why a massive vault was needed. For to the effects of radiation on gold, a Countries value in gold and their security measures. It was a great experience. Random facts.

The town of Carp bought it for 2.00

It was suggested that they could turn it into a paint ball  business prior to the museum getting it. 

Carp is an acronym for the surrounding towns. 

It was chosen for the bunker as it was close to the capital and was a train hub.

Deifenbaker never once saw the bunker. Trudeau did then promptly cut the budget in half.  

The bunkers have nearly all been destroyed aftera failed attempt to make money from selling them. HA bought one.  The government bought it back for double the sale price and destroyed it.

People request to have weddings in the safe.

(They don’t have the code of the door gets shut)

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