What work it takes to get up and leave your whole life. To pack up and walk away. 

I know a little of this.

It’s heartbreaking but it can grow you as a person. 
What I find amazing on this journey is the abandonment I see on it. 

The houses, restaurants, fishing and hunting lodges, churches, farms…  whole lives. Where communities once gathered in Church. Where hunters met together and sought out game. Where families raised their children on farms.  Slowly  clumbling.

It’s sad and it’s  beatiful. I could spend days on end traveling (in a car) with a good pair of boots for protecting against who knows what… ticks, small things, unknown farmland critters. Today I didn’t venture far from the road due to the tick issue Ontario has in spades and my need to get out if it.  There is also this nagging  notion of trespassing. I’m sightly adverse you rule breaking.

Those who may be reading this who know me and likely laughing hysterically. 

I break many many rules.

But I’m  concious of which ones.  

Trespassing (school roofs aside) isn’t something I am usually comfortable with. 

Exploration. Hell yes. But not in outright disobedience. 

Here’s some gems from today.

And as a positive note.  In an address did frequently left re-wild itself it was nice to see that a restaurant that was left and gone was on the way through this time, being dug up and turned into something else.  I’m curious.

Road trip in the spring:)

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