Due West…

Wait what?

I know, you  may be thinking but you just put on roughly 10,000 km going East.

Why west now

Why west in October!!?

I’m thinking the same thing.

But there’s a whole different post on that. 

This one will recap the past few days that I’ve been in denial of. Denial because I don’t really want to be going this way. So when I get a message saying where are you.  I respond with: Oh headed west-ish, or a walmart parking lot or truck stop.

In reality I’m driving the big ‘ol Beast back anothet 6,000ish km West. And fast. Not pit stops, detours, scenic routes or touristy  stuff. I’m getting the heck out of dodge. Not because I want to, but because winter is coming. Snow and the Rockies are a bad combination. Snow, the rockies and The Beast might be a death trap.

I’ve felt bad for not blogging but needed to come to grips with it on my own first lol

So we’re going fast or as fast as she’ll  go. She’s a slow old monster and a gas guzzling Beast. This was discussed last night at a truck stop where we slept after a man in his mid 60s man asked for my specficic fuel consumption numbers vs the vague answer I’d first replied with. 

He and his wife drive a truck with a camper in the box. We differed by about 600km. Super.

So here’s what we’ve been up to.  Driving 6-10 hours a day (I think my seat might have a permenant butt print now)

First night was Moncton, then Quebec then Ottawa then…. hmmmm oh North Bay then Hearst last night.  Tonight it’s Thunder Bay.. then adios Ontario.

It takes a long time to get out of this province. Esspecially in The Beast.

Moncton was nice.. it was quiet at night while the reality of the journey ahead unk in.

We drove passed the Du Ha! Ha! Road sign again. I laughed hysterically. Again. Then pulled over, ran back and took a picture.

We showered at a Big Stop truck stop. It was soooo clean and lovely. Sharp lines and grey slate tile. It was a big room, they left white crisp towels and a bath mat. They left a chocolate on the towel even! Savannah was happy about that. I caught myself saying “Yuck! No throw that out. Who knows if they really left it!” A bit over the top. Sure. It was a locked room and immaculate. But didn’t take it back and she tossed it.

We drove through Montreal as we’d missed in on the way through. The consensus after that. Its miss-able. Traffic is BRUTAL. What a bunch of nutty people.  Throw in construction, weird off ramps, a lack of signaling and poor signage I was done about 15 minutes it but spent another 45 in congested traffic hoping we didn’t run out of fuel  The only thing that stood out was a massive apple.  Huge really. It was for a seduction sex shop. I’m not sure if that speaks to its general populations shopping habits or the need for signs that big to actually be effective. I’m unsure. Oh and the three story burger  king. Savannah loved that. 

Then back to Ottawa for a torrential downpour that made us both glad I walked the dog mere mintues before. After having some guy walk across the road to pee right infront of the rv by the fence. Then on to the Deifenbunker. That was a win as we didn’t get to before. It gets its own post. 

Then on to North Bay. Savannah sees her first ever Ronald McDonald statue.  She asks who it is. This makes me realize how few there are and leaves me with the realization that probably not many kids known who the Hamburglar. We didn’t get a picture as they were closed the next morning for thanksgiving. Woops. We got gas at a truck stop then Google pops up with a “rate this it is a popular stop”  Oh, I see it had showers. In we go. This one was what I imgaine all gas station truck stops to be. Small, rather questionable, possibly some issues with station and bleach stained towel with a complimentary plastic stool by the older shower curtain. After a  quick shower (I used the towel, Savannah used her sweater) we scampered off. 

We met up with Uncle Bill after taking the scenic route lol. At the coffee shop I quickly threw on pants as I’d opted to drive in pajamas. Thankfully I had a pair left because I’m with a friend (who also rode a bike and was my age) didn’t come up. Nothing makes you feel underdressed like other company. Especially men.  There’s me, no makeup,messy hair up, my ugly blue glasses hadn’t tweezed my eyebrows a month. I was suddenly very aware of all that and so thankful for the jeans vs the plaid pj pantsI was just wearing.  Uncle Bill took us out for lunch at the Kenogami inn. I was flustered enough by my appearance that I had to ask  him to spell that. Brutal. Ha ha. These are the moments I’m not proud of, but I share anyway because why not why this point in life right? Savannah got to ride on the bike with Uncle Bill the 34km there. She was thrilled and it was very thoughtful of him. I was pushing it doing 88 to try and keep up. After parking I took a minute and threw on eyeliner and mascara before lunch and change into my less ugly glasses. Lunch was great. It was nice to eat with good people on thanksgiving. Turns out Uncle Bills friend works in a mine. This leaves me with several unanswered questions. Uncle Bill also mentioned he was just on PEI with Aunt Linda for their 35th anniversary which is wonderful. They went to the Magdalene islands which I’ll look up shortly. 

Leaving there we saw an RV that clearly burned and looks to have blown out windows from the fire.. the ladder was mostly ok. Aluminum. I googled it.  Couldn’t find anything online then about it. 

We got to Kapuskasing. Not one other vehicle was in the parkinglot.  Then some schmuck with tinted windows in a jacked up truck came by three times. I decided to leave.  We mailed postcards  from Nova Scotia and headed for Hearst. Googled showed it as a truck stop and in my opinion busier was better. 

Off we went.

This morning I got up early. Got the serious coffee and started the long drive to Thunder Bay. We found many fantastuc old buildings  I’d like to trek through and learn more about. I’ve got 9 tabs open searching info on many of them. Then we went to Franks laundry and then Petvalu. Franks was great. Fast, funky colours and a five foot high dryer.  Petvalu was too tall, all ceramic and Max fell down the stairs. 😦

The biggest news of all?

After roughly 130100 km hundreds of signs for what we have called “The mysterious  night danger” we finally saw two this morning. 

I slammed on the breaks (or what’s left of them post Cabot trail) yelling SAVANNAH WAKE UP LOOK OUT THE WINDOW”

Well. That made Savannah jump.  She was worried we were on fire like the other RV and I’m pretty sure both Moose heard me and probably all the wildlife in a 2km radius. So by the time she got to see the Moose one had already run like hell for the woods while the otherstood part way into the woods looking back as if it was trying to figure out what this big beige beast on the road was yelling about. Poor moose.

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