Stony Plain Bound

After a quick  stop over in Iricanna we headed to Gareth and Tania’s.

434 km, three detours and one nap in Pokano (it’s famous for something but mostly is was a good three in the afternoon nap spot)

We got to their house.

Made it up the drive way and everything.

Yesterday  we got the RV into a mechanic.

Called T &A repairs

My business was TNA

Too funny in a bad way.

Heather answered the phone.

Her last name is also a Mc

She said next friday but then caled back and could squish me in.

It has a power steering fluid leak

The belt still squeals like mad

But the breaks seems good

However it’s the first day it has rained.

So the tires  will come off tomorrow (now today)

So we’ll  see how she goes.

And how expensive it is.

Heather mentioned the shop rate was 145.00

**** This post somehow was not published when it was written. Courtesy of phone glitches and the slightly technologically impaired person (me)

That shop ended up being closer to 1700.00 by the time it was done and two provinces later, after another mechanical breakdown, I was told they hadn’t changed the belts at all. That was a lesson for me to learn to check the work more, hover a ton and watch their time.

Today we get to go shopping for a maternity swim suit with Auntie Tania.

Savannah is in love with these things. Loves knowing how big her cousin is. Talks about how big she is. Currently an ear of corn.










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