New Bruinswick to PEI

From Panorama 86 we drove drove drove until Saint Johns. We backtracked 30km to go to Hartland Bridge. The worlds longest covered bridge. And took our time there as once we parked a tour group of seniors slowly walked down the hill.  They blocked traffic, and the bridge.  So we slowly waited, then crossed the bridge seeing two baby pigeons in the process and checking out all the names carved in.  Savannah got her lobster Pi (like the horse in National Velvet)  an dc them we continued driving. 

We slept at the walmart there after rerouting due to a great deal of construction. I got up at five am and drove to get gas at the Irving station. I drove passed a Irving plant that sparkled like stars in the sky.  Against the black morning sky it was truly stunning it was not what I expected an dc I’m so glad for that.  There was something really beautiful in it. 

We randomly changed courses afyer thus and went to Moncton to bathe the smelly dog. Then a wool shop. Checked out Magnetic Hill we drove it many times.  I’ll look for the pictures. Bought Aubrey and Zoe lobsters. Then off to Shediac…. why because they had a giant lobster statue. That was the only reason. Ha ha.  It made for a great postcard to send to friends.  We saw a symbol throughout there that we later discouvered was Acadian. It was everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  Garbage cans, side of houses, lawn chairs, telephone poles, businesses. you name it. 

We learned more about the Acadians later but at this  point we were thinking what the heck people. We stopped for dinner. Savannah got poutine, pronounced pou-tin. I got a lobster sandwich for dinner. Cold lobster was gross.

After that we drove around to the Confederation Bridge. Took the bridge and woohoo we were PEI bound. The bridge is —  km long.  It is a testament to skilled engineering and long overdue government  promises.

PEI had the nicest  infi cebrre and kindest people. The bridge is tolled but only upon leaving the Island.

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